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ΓEA⅃ Broker was designed with its agents’ future in mind. They have built a platform where their agents can excel and thrive. Their technology is out of this world. Their community networking, training, and support are untouchable. Then sharing their revenue and ownership provides an atmosphere where their agents can build wealth and retirement. ~ I wish I found ΓEA⅃ 21 years ago when I first started my real estate career!



To Your Success

Business Growth

Network Referrals
Open Learning
Multiple Solutions

$6,000 Brokerage Team Member CAP

Keep 100% of Your Commission
85/15 Split​
* $12,000 Cap For Solo Agents and Team Leaders

Get Up to $4,000 A Year

For Every REALTOR You Refer to ΓEA⅃ Broker

$0 Monthly Fees

$750 Annual Fees
*paid out of first three transactions
*Team $40 CRM Monthly Fee

$16,000 Stock Award

When You Hit Your $12,000 Cap​
& Pay $6,000 In Transaction Fees
+$8,000 Community Award Option Making it $24,000 vs $16,000.
* Solo Agents and Team Leaders


Who We Are?

James Sanson is a highly successful Real agent with over 21 years in real estate sales, training, coaching, and mentoring agents. Before you play the game of Chess you first must learn the rules of the game.

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By automating my real estate business, I've been able towork smarter, not harder.

~ James Sanson

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