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Why I Love Real Broker

So I joined Real Broker a while ago and I said to myself before I started doing any videos and telling people how amazing Real Broker was, I needed to experience it, and I have done just that. I have experienced the Real Broker model, and it is fun that that's the simplest way of putting it. It energizes your career, so if you're feeling down and out, this is a place that you can come to and help you get your career heading back to the direction it needs to be. And that doesn't mean just production. That can mean like, "Hey, I just was feeling like I was alone on an island, and now with the community, I'm not feeling alone." And then if you need to get some training, some, hey, I'm a brand new agent, even, they have training in place for that. If you need to get some training and you've been around for a while, you need to fine tune some skills, they have some training for that.

Us agents provide training, and that’s amazing piece on there not getting… I’ve been with brokerages where you’re getting someone who’s not in the game, in essence, training you. So you’re going to have individual agents that are being successful training you. You’re going to have a small-size, medium-sized, and large-size team leaders training you. These are people who are in the game of helping other people in real estate. They’re not on the sidelines reading from a manual. And so that’s all available for you. I came from a amazing brokers that I loved, and I went to them for the training for my team members. I want to provide my level training and then I want to have some heightened assistance on that. When I got there, I realized I had to pay for all the training. There’s nothing wrong with that.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But here we don’t have to. We don’t do that piece. We’re a brokerage that the agents get to have ownership in it through stock revenue share. So we have an invested interest on taking care of the people that we’re with, to grow the company together, where at the brokerage I came from, I didn’t have that, and that was a critical piece for me to look around. The next piece that is really amazing here is I came in and knocked on the door. I knocked on the door. I talked to a few agents that I knew, I respected, and ultimately ended up going with an agent who was my prior coach where I was at. And she’s amazing, and I pursued it versus them pursuing me. And the way I look at it, you don’t have to go out and call people to recruit them to a brokerage when the brokerage is amazing.

The party is bumping, the people are vibing, dancing, celebrating, and you’re on the outside looking in and where you’re at is kind of quiet, lonely and the fun’s not happening, right? So we’re just… Most people are simply attracted to, “Hey, what’s going on over there? I’m seeing their signs, I’m hearing this buzz. Just the vibe has drawn me into the brokerage.” And then within the brokers, again, we’re going to have our single agents, our small teams, mid-size team, large teams, expansion teams, marketing groups. The marketing group is an amazing thing where, literally, you could join with me and be on my platform for lead generation, coaching, training, mentorship, and be in a completely different market. And it’s very easy for us to plug you in. So it doesn’t matter if you’re in Austin, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Miami, Florida. We’re able to build this national network on the platform that Real provides us, and I think that’s pretty amazing.

I’m really personally attracted to that side of the equation. And then when you join, and say you put me as your sponsor, what that means… From a lot of people from the outside would think is that it means that I’m simply going to get some stock and get some revenue sharing off of your success from the brokers, not from you. And that is the least part of us agents and Real’s mindset. Our mindset is for what most agents are comes from the heart of helping, right? Servanthood. Someone who’s going to provide you the resources, tools, perhaps leads if you need those, coaching, training, mentorship, you name it, some hoorah, some… A hug here and there if it’s digital or in person because you’re just having a bad time. It’s kind of like a family. Sponsorship, to me, I’ve never attended AA, but that’s the way I assess my sponsorship, how I move forward with sponsorship.

That means, in short, I want to do everything to help you be successful. You have to do your part too. It’s not a unilateral relationship, but you’re not just putting my name down, join the brokerage and being abandoned, right? You’re going to, regardless if you come with my marketing group, you come into it just as a simply solo agent, you’re bringing your team over, I’m going to do whatever I can do to help integrate you smoothly into the brokerage. Because that could be a headache when you’re going into a new brokerage. I’m going to do everything to help you be smoothly transitioned in, teach you the technology to allow your learning curve to be even better than my learning curve when I came in. And along the way from there, I’m going to do whatever… Where you’re at, I’m going to meet you and I’m going to provide the resources, tools, support, training, et cetera that I have for you to help you launch further into success. Even if you’re starting off in real estate, you’re at success zero in a way, right?

You’re at the entry level point. You’ve got your license, and from there, I’m going to give you everything I can. And that’s going to come down to like being at a gym with a great and amazing personal coach, trainer, mentor. Now you got to lift the weights, and eat the right foods, and do the right things to be successful. But I’m going to meet you where you’re at and provide the resources that you need. If you want to learn more, I’m James Sanson. I’m with Real Brokerage. I am an agent here and stock owner here, revenue share person here. And just super excited about being here. So if you want to learn more, regardless of the sponsorship stuff and all those things, go ahead and hit me up and we’ll go from there. And I’ll share with you what I know and about my love and passion for this company.

Again, I’ve been here for a while and I wanted to wait. I wanted to explore this place and make sure that I’m in love with it, right? Like you, I had several… Especially in our market, we’re like the melting pot of the creativity of brokerages here in the Phoenix metro, Tucson, Yuma, just Arizona and the South, where the mecca of all kinds of unique brokerage models. And so I have choices, and I chose this place for so many reasons, and I’ll continue sharing that in these videos. This is video number one with many more to come, why I love Real.